May 2022


Scholarship Reception


Everyone should have received an invitation to the 2022 scholarship reception which will be held at Cherry Creek Innovation Campus (CCIC) on May 19th at 1pm.  Don’t miss this opportunity to meet our amazing 2022 RECCS Scholars.  Reception will be followed by a tour of CCIC.


All persons planning to attend, please have a picture ID for admittance to CCIC and tell security that you are attending the RECCS event.  School is still in session, and we need to follow school district policy.


Message from the Board


Board Positions are currently open or will open for next fiscal year beginning October 1, 2022.  Take a chance and volunteer for the organization.  Board positions are not overly demanding or time consuming, but we need leadership to maintain the strength and consistency of RECCS.  Join us today.  For questions or interest, please contact Michelle Kleve at dmkleve@comcast.net or by cell 303-916-6966.  Thank you.


Currently open:  Vice President, 2 or 4 year term


Open for next fiscal year:  President, 2 or 4 year term




Election Transparency

A "POP-UP" Class

10:00-11:00 am on Friday, May 20

Learn about election security in Colorado & tour our facility:

How does Colorado's system of voting really happen?

Is it secure? How transparent?


Join us at Arapahoe County's Election Center


5251 South Federal Blvd., Littleton, just south of Belleview

Register at reccs.org

$5 supports RECCS Scholarship Program


Book Gathering: Tuesday, June 7

2:30 - 4:00 pm via ZOOM

Maps for walking, biking & hiking in metro Denver



Watch for Additional Details & Registration on the RECCS U page on the website www.reccs.org



RECCS Activities


Look for upcoming activities in next month’s newsletter.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the May activities. 


Contact Carole Smith, Activities Chair, with questions or to make reservations at user2000@icloud.com or 303-818-5248




Scholarship Update


The 2022 scholarship committee has chosen the 12 scholars who will be honored on May 19th at 1pm at CCIC.  Don’t miss meeting these extraordinary young people. 



Fundraising—Check out the donation page on our website for all up to date information.  www.reccs.org


RECCS wants to thank our members for their amazing generosity.


Website:  Visit us often for important information.  Check out the new updated site.