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Our State Courts in Colorado

         Keeping Judges Fair & Impartial

An online "Zoom" course at RECCS U...from the convenience of your home

Wednesday, October 14th   10:00 – 11:30 am

Presenter: Russ Carparelli

Retired judge of the Colorado Court of Appeals

Former civil litigator & retired Lt. Colonel, U.S. Air Force

In September, Russ presented his online class, Lincoln's Legacy of Equality & Liberty

Meet Russ on YouTube video @ https://youtu.be/qcUyTtNQuwk

Class Description: Learn about how Colorado’s procedures for selecting, disciplining, and evaluating judges keep our state courts fair and impartial.


This is a timely course as Colorado will have judicial retention elections this November.

      <> Justices on the Colorado Supreme Court

      <> Judges on the Colorado Court of Appeals, state District Courts, and County Courts


Instructor Russ Carparelli is a mediator and arbitrator at AB Conflict Resolution Services, in Denver, Colorado. He served as a Judge on the Colorado Court of Appeals from 2003 to 2014 and was a civil litigator in private practice from 1990 to 2003. Prior to that, he served in the U.S. Air Force from 1970 to his retirement in the grade of Lieutenant Colonel.

This presentation was developed by Our Courts Colorado, a nationally recognized program that Russ co-founded. Our Courts provides non-partisan information programs to further public knowledge and understanding of state and federal courts. 


Our Courts began in 2007 as a joint activity of the Colorado Judicial Institute and the Colorado Bar Association. Our Courts presentations and volunteer speakers take no position regarding any court case, legislation, ballot issue or proposed change to the court system. Our Courts is a recipient of the 2010 American Bar Associate Burnham “Hod” Greeley Award for its outstanding contribution to promoting awareness of the importance of a fair, impartial, and independent judiciary. This year it received the 2020 Sandra Day O’Connor Award for the Advancement of Civics Education. 

Location: Your home. Due to Covid-19, class will be offered online via Zoom. The link will be sent prior to the class. This is best accessed with a personal computer, but a tablet or phone will work. If you are unfamiliar with the Zoom format, or have questions on the course, please email Karyl Petit (jkpetit@msn.com).


Class Fee: $15 (RECCS U class fees support the RECCS Scholarship Program)

To register, visit REGISTRATION page under RECCS U button above

10-participant minimum must be registered by noon on October 13th



#1   Raise money to fund scholarships for high school seniors

Class fees have raised $5,000 to fund two RECCS Scholarships.


#2  Provide members with broad range of opportunities for active learning

Previous class topics have included technology, genealogy, rule of law, DNA, smart phone apps,

Vietnam, John Fielder’s photography, election politics, writing, life’s last chapters, selling on eBay, cybersecurity, Colorado travel, downsizing, meditation, and others.


#3   Offer people who share similar interests a reason for coming together

In the past three years, more than 500 people have attended RECCS U classes.

Non-members represent about 10% of participants.

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