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WELCOME to our Retired Teachers Organization 


While we may have moved on from our roles within the district, our dedication to education and our students remains steadfast. In retirement, we continue to uphold our commitment to supporting not only the students we once taught but also each other.

Our organization is founded on the belief that retirement doesn't mark the end of our connection to education; rather, it's a new chapter where we can channel our expertise, passion, and resources to continue making a difference. Just think of what we can collectively do!

Furthermore, we recognize the importance of camaraderie and mutual assistance in navigating the joys and challenges of retirement. Through our organization, we foster a community where retired CCSD employees can connect, share experiences, learn, and provide support to one another as we embark on this new journey together.


Organized in 2006 to raise scholarship funds to support CCSD high school seniors.

Since 2007, employees, friends and family have contributed $408,000 and awarded 171 scholarships.

Promotes interests and welfare of more than 500 RECCS members who retired from CCSD


  • "Heck No I Won't Go Picnic" 

  • Annual luncheon and fundraising auction

  • Annual breakfast

  • RECCS University classes

  • Events, social gatherings, crafts, sports, games

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A whole new world's, rest, retirement and recess....or RECCS,
Retired  Employees Cherry Creek Schools

Welcome to our community of educators in retirement, where our dedication knows no bounds,
and our commitment to excellence endures!


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