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Videos of Scholarship Winners - click here
Merit Recipients

Ave Roethe, Grandview: University of California San Diego

Sanaa Sodhi, Eaglecrest: University of California Berkeley

Tatyana Sopkin, Cherokee Trail: Colorado State University

Ananya Talanki, Smoky Hill: Emory Univeristy


Career/Technology Recipients

Remington LaDuke, Smoky Hill: Escoffier Culinary Arts

Maryam Mohammed, Overland: University of Colorado Denver


Adversity Recipients

Angel Ejuwa, Smoky Hill: Colorado State University

Tiffany Li, Eaglecrest: Colorado School of Mines

Raya Patel, Smoky Hill: Gonzaga University

Michelle Teng, Grandview: University of Colorado Denver


Actively seeking volunteers to serve as Board Members


Our organization can’t survive without the support of our members and that means volunteering too. The Board is a group of dynamic individuals who work together to make RECCS a success.


You don’t have to give hundreds of hours and can indeed still lead your retired life. Attend monthly meetings (2 hours) and serve another few hours (1-6) each month, depending on monthly activities. So, take a moment and reach out to any current Board member to learn more about how you can get involved. (List on "About Us" page.)


We will soon need a 1st Vice President, a Secretary, a Hospitality Chair or co-chair, and a Webmaster.  Join us today and keep RECCS moving forward.  


Tuesday, June 1   2:30-4:00 pm   ===Registration NOW OPEN

BOOK GATHERING: Books I Read During the Pandemic

Many people read more over the past 15 months since our lives changed dramatically. More books; new genres, different authors. Did your reading habits change as much as your life did? June's 90-minute session is an opportunity to discuss those books -- sharing topics, authors & titles. The conversation might change your habits for 2021 and beyond.

Facilitated by Gail Kittrell, avid reader; member of RECCS U planning teams


Visit RECCS U: Complete Details & Registration

Remember When ? ? ?
Our "Book of Memories" needs your recollection of events that happened during your tenure in Cherry Creek Schools. Only you and perhaps a few co-conspirators know the stories behind the scenes. Take this opportunity to record your memories during this pandemic period.
PLEASE send your recollections to Carole Smith at userc2000@msn.com. (In some stories, remember to protect the names of the famous, the innocent, or the infamous.)