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This application may be used to apply for one of the scholarships noted below. All of the scholarships are designed to provide financial assistance to graduating Cherry Creek School District seniors who are pursuing higher education or post high school training. Students may apply for only one of the three categories. 



  1. Merit Scholarship - For those students who have demonstrated academic achievement and contribution to school and community. (FIVE $3,000 scholarships will be awarded in this category.)

  2. Adversity Scholarship - For those students who have faced and dealt with physical, mental, emotional, family, or financial adversity. (FIVE $3,000 scholarships will be awarded in this category.)

  3. Career & Technical Scholarship - For those students who wish to pursue a career, trade or technical education at a community college or a certificate program. (TWO $3,000 scholarships will be awarded in this category.)



  1. Student will graduate from a Cherry Creek School District (CCSD) high school.

  2. Student has attended a CCSD high school for a minimum of two years prior to graduation.

  3. Student has displayed strength of character, maturity, Potential, leadership, citizenship, and/or special talents.

  4. Student has applied to an in-state or out-of-state accredited college, community college, university, career, trade, or technical school/certificate program and will be enrolled as a full-time student within six months after graduation from high school.

  5. Student has completed and submitted all parts of the application by the Friday, February 18, 2021 deadline.

Completed Applications are due on Friday, February 18, 2022.  A completed application will include Recommendation Forms submitted by Counselor, Teacher and Non-family adult, transcripts and SAT/ACT (if applicable) added to Recommendation form by Counselor.   


All qualified students are encouraged to apply, regardless of gender, ethnic origin, race, or sexual orientation. Direct descendants of members of the Selection Committee are not eligible. The RECCS Scholarship Committee will review the submitted applications. The finalists will be asked to participate in a personal interview prior to the final selection. The scholarship winners will be notified by phone. A reception will be held at the end of the school year to formally honor the scholarship recipients.

For additional information contact Rodger Stewart @, RECCS Scholarship Committee Chair


Scholarship Award Winners:  2021

Merit Scholarships

Adversity Scholarships

Career and Tech Scholarships



Lara Doyne

Kavya Ganuthula

Miranda Jernberg

Melody Shellman

Sailesh Dahal

Meena Esan

Alex Glennemeier

Garrison Hayes

Samantha Robinson

Kendall Ungerman

Max Boyd

Kennedy Brown

Bradley Vanlandingham


Zinab Eisa 

Hakeem Haj-Musa

Swati Jujare

Shreenija Vadayar

Yesenia Morales

Aryah Stockman

Keinada Andereas

Isiana Carr-Coleman

Nebyat Demessie

Robert Real Rico


Malaysia Atwater

Antonio Roman Campos

Ariel Levine

Esther Varghese

Sandiluz Hernandez Flores

Anastasia Jambor

Shu Shuang Kendall

Savannah Pounds

Itzel Cruz

Darion Quintana



Vincent White

Ashley Oh

Matine Khalighi

Xiaomeng (Melanie) Gong 

Liyanos Abati

Alicia Arias-Buckeye

Carley Capra

Judith Mujawayezu

Jennifer Villa

Mia Daly

Javon Mills


Ava Roethe

Sanaa Sodhi

Tatyana Sopkin

Ananya Talanki

Angel Ejuwa

Tiffany Li

Raya Patel

Michelle Teng

Remington LaDuke 

Maryam Mohammed

Isiana Carr-Coleman

Nebyat Demessie

Robert Real Rico


The Scholarship Committee

The RECCS Scholarship Committee was established by the RECCS Executive Board for the purpose of organizing, managing and administering a scholarship program for Cherry Creek School District high school graduates.


Scholarship funds are raised by various programs and activities plus contributions from the Retired Employees of the cherry Creek School District (RECCS). Each year the Executive board determines the total amount of money available for scholarships. The Board then notifies the RECCS Scholarship Committee Chair of that amount. The Scholarship Committee Chair also serves as a member of the RECCS Board.


The Scholarship Committee chair is appointed by the President of RECCS. The Scholarship Committee chair then selects the members of the committee representing various groups from the RECCS organization (i.e. classroom teachers, administrators, counselors and classified staff). Geographical and grade level representation should also be considered in selecting members. Each year approximately 25% of the members will rotate off the committee after serving approximately three years, thus allowing the opportunity for new members to serve on the committee. The size of the committee, usually 10 members, may vary based on the number of scholarships to be awarded. The specific charge of the committee is to administer the scholarship program. This centers on the following tasks: (1) determining the criteria, amounts, number and deadlines for the scholarship applications; (2) developing a workable application with a focus on the philosophy of the scholarships to be awarded; (3) publicizing the scholarships' availability; (4) collecting and preparing the applications for reading and evaluating; (5) interviewing the finalist, communicate with all applicants about their status, and selecting the scholarship winners; and (6) awarding the scholarships and publicizing the winners.

Our Scholarship Committee Members

  • Chair- Rodger Stewart

  • Co-Chair - Mark Onstott

  • Don Hart

  • Kathy Smith

  • Fred Isernhagen

  • Virginia White

  • Jim Roome

  • Mary Bartholomew

  • Joan Cohen

  • Marilyn Kemp