About Us

The Retired Employees of Cherry Creek Schools (RECCS)


We are a group of retired employees from Cherry Creek Schools.  This group is for all retirees from all employee groups.


We are a group that keeps in touch with old friends and makes new ones.


All of our activities, donations and RECCS U class costs are used for College scholarships for Cherry Creek District seniors.  Every year we give over 10-$2500 scholarships.    

We also do a variety of activities throughout the year from; excursions to exciting venues, ball games, or just get together and enjoy each others company.  

We also offer RECCS U classes throughout the year to provide anyone inexpensive classes that are interesting to our retirees.  This program raises money for many scholarships.  


In addition, we have 3 meetings a year.  

  • September meeting is our fall luncheon.  We get together have a silent auction to raise money for the scholarships, enjoy lunch and socialize with other members. This is a great time to renew your membership!  

  • January we have our annual breakfast meeting.  

  • May we have our scholarship presentation.  This event is a favorite to see all the scholarship recipients and hear their unique stories.    


Please join us and share your energy and your talents. Keep in touch with old friends and make new ones.  Upcoming events are posted on the upcoming events Page, so keep your calendars handy!


Members of the Board

President - Michelle Kleve - dmkleve@comcast.net 

1st Vice President - Currently vacant

Treasurer - Jeanette Palmer - jgpalmer_13@hotmail.com

Asst. Treasurer - Dave Pieta - dpieta@comcast.net

Secretary - Open: Bobbie McIntire "retired" and moved to Arizona

RECCS U Planning Team Co-Chairs - Jim Brickey - Brick4js@aol.com

                                                   - Karyl Petit - jkpetit@msn.com

Scholarship Committee Chair - Kay Adams - kayladams@hotmail.com

Scholarship Committee Co-Chair - Rodger Stewart

Fundraising Chair - Kerry Tripp - jtwerpie@msn.com 

Activities Committee Chair - Carole Smith - reccsactivities@reccs.org

Communications Committee Chair - Beth Giles - sesgiles@comcast.net 

Hospitality Chair - Gayle Meissner - gkmeissner@comcast.net

                              Soon Open: Gayle is planning to move

Hospitality Member- Carole Smith - reccsactivities@reccs.org


Membership - Gail Kittrell - gail.kittrell@comcast.net

Webmaster - Cindy Fisher - cindy.fisher@reccs.org

                     Soon Open: Cindy's "retiring" to spend more time with extended family