November 2020



A Message from the Board


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  RECCS members are

generous beyond measure.  We so appreciate everyone who has donated to the scholarship fund.  We raised over $9,000.00 for the scholarship fund in October alone.  Truly amazing!  Membership

renewals and donations are still coming in.  We want to let each and everyone of you know how thankful we are for your continued support. 


Colorado Gives Day is also just around the corner on December 8, 2020.  If you would like to donate through Colorado Gives, we

receive additional monies through the sponsors of this nonprofit fundraising event.  See below for more details. 


Whether you donate directly or through Colorado Gives,

Amazonsmile, King Soopers, or Safeway your dollars go to the

scholarship fund to ensure that future generations of CCSD graduates have the opportunity for education and success. 


Stay safe and healthy and we will look forward to celebrating when it is safe to meet in person.



Membership Renewal


All members should have received a postcard notice about membership renewal.  In the past, most members renewed membership with response to our fall annual meeting and lunch.  Since the event was cancelled due to Covid, we sent out the notice with a return envelop for convenience.  Yearly membership is $15.00 which helps us cover all operating costs of RECCS.  Many members also choose this time of year to make a donation to the scholarship fund.  Our continued goal is to give ten $2,500.00 scholarships to Cherry Creek School District scholars.  Most of the application process will be completed online.   We will award our scholars in June.  Any donation is greatly appreciated.  So don’t forget to renew your membership and continue to remember our scholars with your generosity.


Scholarship Update


The 2021 Scholarship committee will be led by co-chairs Kay Adams and Rodger Stewart.  They have begun the process for the 2021 Scholarship program and will award scholarships again in May.  Thank you to all who have volunteered for this year’s committee. 





RECCS U will continue to offer online courses.  Watch for specific information either through email blasts or on the website. 


Scott Henke, returning RECCS U presenter and owner of Onsite Consulting will offer a Zoom course on Video Streaming this Friday, November 13th from 10—12.  Cost is just $15.  Registrants participate  from the safety of  home.  There are still a few spots left so register today at Watch for more courses in the coming months.  Keep learning and stay connected with RECCS U.


RECCS Activities


RECCS Activities held in person have been on hold while we support the health and safety of our members.  Activities director,

Carole Smith has come up with a fun winter activity members can do from home.  


Author Author!!


Take a trip down memory lane and write down some delightful, historical, or just plain memorable stories you are willing to share from your time working in Cherry Creek.  Names can be changed to protect the innocent, famous, or infamous.  Just something for our members to enjoy this winter when the nights are long, cold, and dark. We thought it would be fun to share stories, a few each month, in our monthly blast.  Then we will create a booklet of all stories to share with all members.  Please e-mail or snail mail your story or stories.   If you wish your story to be edited, please note this.   

Send stories to:  Carole Smith at or  Michelle Kleve at or mail to Carole Smith at 6191 E Eastman, Denver, CO 80222


We’ve included a few examples to get everyone inspired.  So let’s get writing.  Watch next month’s blast for more reading fun.



Story # 1


It was July 1965, and I was enrolled in a reading program at DU and doing practicum at Valverde Elementary School located on Alameda and Valverde and really enjoying my free time with new friends in Denver.  I was to return to Kansas City and continue teaching at an elementary school there, but decided that if I could get a job in the Denver area, I would remain.


I recall that instructions before my first interview at ESC that I was not to panic after passing Hampden Avenue on I-25 as there were only fields there, but to get off at the next exit which was supposed to be Belleview. I panicked, but fortunately, the next exit was Belleview and I arrived at the interview on time.


I was offered a job at Cherry Creek Junior High teaching a class of students that were below grade level and had some behavioral issues.  Therefore I could use my elementary school experience with these young people.


The first day of school I was appropriately dressed in high heels, hosiery, a slip, skirt and blouse that covered me from my neck to mid arm and was standing outside my classroom greeting each student as they entered.  I must admit that I had some trepidation as I had heard about one student who had quite an unfavorable reputation and he was enrolled in my first period class.  As I looked down the hall I saw a tall gangly young man strolling towards me.  He stopped near me, looked me up and down, and fortunately continued past my room.  Whew!  I let out the breath that I was holding and started to relax.  The bell rang and as I began to close the door, in slid the young man and the challenge of my first day began and lasted all year!


Submitted by : Carole Smith


Story #2


When I opened Greenwood in August, 1958, Superintendent Clark Stutler, and Assistant Superintendent Russ Polton and I climbed into the blue beat up army surplus pick-up and drove over to old

Castlewood School to pick up an old upright piano that we needed for the new kindergarten class.  We rolled the piano from the school into the bed of the truck.  While Russ Polton drove, Mr. Stutler and I held onto the piano to keep it from falling over.  Money was short in those days and I wonder how many superintendents, with their assistant and a principal would do the same today?


Submitted by Dick Morton, reprinted from RECCS Newsletter, Vol.2, No. 1


Story #3. The Cherry Creek Vocational Education Farm


Cherry Creek State Park, Kennedy Golf Course, Greenwood Village Park, and the Cherry Creek Schools complex at Union and Yosemite are all built on land made surplus by the government following the construction of the Cherry Creek Dam.  The Dam replaced the Kenwood Dam that was destroyed in the flood in the early 1940’s.  Two hundred and twenty acres were deeded to the newly formed Cherry Creek School District with the restriction that the land be used for educational purposes for at least 20 years.  The original property extended all the way from Union Avenue to Hampden Avenue.  The District selected eighty acres for the site on which the District’s administration facilities, Cherry Creek High School, Campus Middle School, and Belleview Elementary now sit. 


The remainder of the land, north of Union became the Cherry Creek Farm.  It was home to an award winning vocational agriculture program.  The program included a cooperative animal program in which students took the newly born animals from the district owned breeding stock of pigs, sheep, and cattle, and assumed personal and financial responsibility for their feeding and care up to time of slaughter.  In addition, the students cultivated 60—80 acres of dry land wheat, putting whatever money the sale brought back into the program.  A vocational agriculture teacher lived in a District owned house on the farm.  He and two other vocational agriculture teachers were members of the CCHS faculty.  As the cities of Aurora, Denver, and Greenwood Village expanded to the east and south, and interest in agriculture dwindled, the program was made available to the school districts that made up the Southeast Metropolitan Board of Cooperative Services. 


Inevitably, “progress” again caused enrollment decline, and after a couple of years with a changed emphasis to horticulture, the program was discontinued.  A portion of the farm was given to Greenwood Village for a park while maintaining an area for a maintenance facility along Union and sufficient grounds for two soccer fields, a softball diamond, and parking. 


Submitted by Don Goe, Reprinted from RECCS Newsletter, Vol. 4, No. 1


Thank you for these stories and we will look forward to reading next month’s submissions.  Submit your story today.



January 26, 2021 Annual Breakfast Meeting Postponed


The January 26, 2021 date for our Annual Breakfast meeting to be held at the Franciscan Center has been postponed.  With increased COVID numbers and the high level of concern for our members, the Board thought it best to postpone the in person breakfast and annual meeting for a later and safer date.   We will work closely to monitor health concerns and CDC requirements to reschedule for later in 2021.  Watch for details in the coming months.  Until then stay safe and healthy.





One of the ways we raise money for scholarships is through the King Soopers and Safeway loyalty programs.  Thank you to all of our members who continue to use these programs and name RECCS as the organization for your contributions.  Remember you can use your loyalty number even when ordering groceries online for pick up or delivery.  If you need assistance linking your loyalty number for King Soopers, feel free to contact us or log into  Safeway still accepts the reloadable gift cards.  If you would like one, there is no cost to you.  Just contact Kerry Trip to get your card today. Her number is 303-773-0222.


Another successful fundraising program for RECCS is Amazonsmile.  Great for all of our members who use Amazon for online shopping.  Just go to to register Retired Employees Cherry Creek Schools Association as your charitable organization of choice or click on our unique link to get started. .  All your regular Amazon information will link.  Remember RECCS as you shop.


Donations to support the scholarship fund are always appreciated.  Our members continue to be generous even in difficult times.  Many members donate directly to RECCS while others are attending RECCS U classes with the donations from these experiences going to the scholarship fund.  We also receive donations in memory of individuals or to celebrate individual successes.  Regardless, RECCS wants to thank our members for their amazing generosity.


Colorado Gives Day

Join one of the largest one-day giving movements in the country.

Each December Coloradans come together with the common goal to strengthen the community by helping to power nonprofits.

Community First Foundation and FirstBank partner to make this day rewarding for givers, nonprofits and the community as a whole.

Colorado Gives Day is Tuesday, December 8, and features a $1

million Incentive Fund. Every nonprofit receiving a donation on

Colorado Gives Day receives a portion of the fund, increasing impact and the value of every dollar donated. Colorado Gives Day has grown to be Colorado's largest one-day online giving event, raising more than $257 million since it began in 2010.  Colorado Gives Day is another great way to donate to the RECCS scholarship fund.


Friends We Will Miss

The RECCS Board has been notified of the death of the following former CCSD employee:  Mike Burck


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