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The Scholarship Committee

The RECCS Scholarship Committee was established by the RECCS Executive Board for the purpose of organizing, managing and administering a scholarship program for Cherry Creek School District high school graduates.


Scholarship funds are raised by various programs and activities plus contributions from the Retired Employees of the cherry Creek School District (RECCS). Each year the Executive board determines the total amount of money available for scholarships. The Board then notifies the RECCS Scholarship Committee Chair of that amount. The Scholarship Committee Chair also serves as a member of the RECCS Board.


The Scholarship Committee chair is appointed by the President of RECCS. The Scholarship Committee chair then selects the members of the committee representing various groups from the RECCS organization (i.e. classroom teachers, administrators, counselors and classified staff). Geographical and grade level representation should also be considered in selecting members. Each year approximately 25% of the members will rotate off the committee after serving approximately three years, thus allowing the opportunity for new members to serve on the committee. The size of the committee, usually 10 members, may vary based on the number of scholarships to be awarded. The specific charge of the committee is to administer the scholarship program. This centers on the following tasks: (1) determining the criteria, amounts, number and deadlines for the scholarship applications; (2) developing a workable application with a focus on the philosophy of the scholarships to be awarded; (3) publicizing the scholarships' availability; (4) collecting and preparing the applications for reading and evaluating; (5) interviewing the finalist, communicate with all applicants about their status, and selecting the scholarship winners; and (6) awarding the scholarships and publicizing the winners.

Our Scholarship Committee Members:

  • Chair- Rodger Stewart

  • Co-Chair - Mark Onstott

  • Don Hart

  • Kathy Smith

  • Fred Isernhagen

  • Virginia White

  • Jim Roome

  • Mary Bartholomew

  • Joan Cohen

  • Marilyn Kemp

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